We are here to help. If you have your design and know what garments you want – that’s great, send us your order and we will have the embroidery and print press ready to go. However, if you are not sure which font you would like, or whether the colours you have chosen will really work together, or which of our huge range of garments will be right for you – then we are here to help.

We can sample some fonts up for you, before you make your final decision. We can embroider your logo in both blues, so you can be sure you have chosen the right colour. If you need advice of which sweatshirt to choose then we will very happily talk you through the options.

We can advise on whether embroidery or printing will be best for the branding/garment choices you have made. Embroidery creates a very professional finish however it will not work on all garments. A great example is Hi-Viz jackets and waterproof coats, both are much better printed.


Our latest embroidery machine is a ZSK Racer 6S which is German engineered ensuring we produce high quality embroidery every time. It also means we can do baseball caps – one of our favourites, along with all the standard clothing requirements of our customers, through to the finest embroidery on organza, often used by our wedding clients as gift bags or favours at their weddings.

If you have an idea for embroidering something more unusual than we are the team to call, we love a challenge and if it can be embroidered, we will be able to do it for you.


We use a HTP123 PRO heat press to apply vinyl prints to your garments. Are pressing plates range in size from as small as 10cm x 10cm through to 42cm x 42cm allowing us to print full A3 size transfers.

Printing is very popular for t-shirts and stretchy lycra based fabrics. Top of our printing list is Hi-Viz garments for our workwear clients and cross country tops for our equestrian clients. The benefit of printing on waterproof garments like jackets is with the embroidery the needles penetrate the fabric and reduce is effectiveness as a waterproof coat. If you are unsure whether you should print or embroider, just give us a call and we can talk through the options.